Driveway Repairs

MCC: Driveway Repairs

There are many different reasons a driveway may need repair. At Macomb Concrete Contractors we specialize in driveway repair and Driveway Replacement. The most common problem with concrete is probably the crack. As the old saying goes, it’s not a matter of whether or not concrete will crack but more a question of when and where.

Control joints help us determine where but concrete can crack at anytime under certain circumstances.
As concrete ages its condition can worsen. We have all seen the weathered , spider webbed, crumbling mess that an improperly installed driveway can become. More often than not the damaged section of driveway can be repaired. Driveway repair specialist such as Macomb Concrete Contractors can determine the quality of the existing concrete and advise whether a crack should be sealed, patched, or cut out and replaced.

Driveway problems can be caused by natural elements as well. Tree roots, falling trees, and ground movement can cause a driveway to crack and buckle prematurely. Typically, when concrete buckles, the best driveway repair will consist of cutting out the damaged section and a thorough inspection of the sub base. If the problem area is due to a tree root some consideration should be given to the base before re pouring the concrete. At Macomb Concrete Contractors we reinforce problem areas with rebar to provide extra strength and durability. In such a case where the sub base has moved the driveway repair will start with an examination of the sub base and in most cases reinforcement by packing gravel in the area.

Another problem with aging concrete is the erosion and discoloration of the surface. In these cases the driveway repair will most likely consist of a stain and seal or resurface and seal. This can usually be done for two to three dollars per square foot so the cost is minimal. In some cases we will recommend a resurface and stain. At Macomb Concrete Contractors we also offer custom stain applications for your driveway. Outlines, patterns, and inlays help give your driveway that custom look. We have hundreds of patterns available, anything from brick or stone to wood or steel.

Low spots in a driveway can cause water to settle or “pool” which can be very undesirable depending on where this happens, liMCC: Driveway Repairske in front of a door. Furthermore, water runoff in the wrong direction can have undesirable effects like landscape erosion and mud puddles. At Macomb Concrete Contractors we are experienced in fixing such problems. In most cases we can raise and level certain spots on your driveway. Other times we may have to cut out and re pour a section, cut grooves to act as a drain , or add drains and repour around them. Whatever the situation is, you can count on Macomb Concrete Contractors to repair the problem at a fair price.

At Macomb Concrete Contractors we take pride in our reputation and we look forward to satisfying you. Our dedication is unparalled and our quality is top notch. Our installation Techs have years of experience identifying problems and offering affordable solutions. If you want to add a little flair let us install some decorative concrete stamping to your driveway.

MCC: Driveway Repairs